Motion Graphics & Video
I enjoy working in many different digital mediums, and motion graphics with video is something I’ve recently started doing more of. Without having to worry about file size or processing power as we do with digital ads, video has much more potential for envoking an emotional response.

Video Game Web Sites
Before I ever worked on banners or rich media, I created a number of fully-Flash web sites back in the early 2000’s for companies like LucasArts and Ubisoft. In each of these shown below, I created all of the artwork for the site in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and later with Maya as well. Often I would get some of the 3d models for the characters, which I would pose, light, and render (or even animate in some cases). And I believe I was the first developer to integrate “idle loops” for video game characters on web sites, which I implemented because I just thought it would be cool to see them move a bit. In the examples below, some are linked to a live version - just click the image to launch the site.

Contact & About Me
I love designing things - digital, virtual, or real. I’ve been a freelance designer and developer for nearly 16 years, and I’ve worked with many talented people from agencies all across the country. From screen to print, I enjoy the process of creating and animating. I’m constantly learning new skills and refining my art. In everything I do, I try to craft an experience that’s worthwhile and fun. I take the same dedicated approach to each and every project I’m on. And I always communicate clearly with the other team members, and try to lead by example.

Experience. Passion. Talent. That’s what I bring to the table.

Please contact me if you’d like to get a quote, have questions, or just to say hello.

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Marin, California

Household Names. Worldwide Reach.
During my career, I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the coolest brands on the planet. From hardware to software, from retail to foodstuffs, I’ve worked on campaigns across many types of industries, and with many talented art directors and producers. Every new brand or campaign is a chance to experience something fresh and exciting.
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From Concept...to Art.
DoubleClick QA CertifiedI love animating banners and rich media – and the whole process of taking a great concept and bringing it to life. I’ve animated hundreds of campaigns over 16 years, but these I enjoy sharing the most. There is a lot of effort involved when going from static concept to final banner, as any developer knows. My careful attention to detail and artistic sense differentiate my work from the mundane. “Standard” banners? These are anything but!
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